Mythbusting – The Super City is for Dead White males

The leftwing is running off at the mouth with ill-considered slogans about who the Super City will benefit. As is usual with their sloganeering it is based on obfuscations,innuendo and racism and completely lacking in fact. It is the left wing that is racist in Auckland not the centre right. if only the media would call them on this. Since they either can’t or won’t do basic research I’ll do it for them. As is usual they will probably copy this in a couple of days without attribution.

In the Hobson ward of Auckland City (that’s where the blue blood barons, dead white males and rich pricks come from) the Community Board is all women and has one Maori (Hinu Te Hau) and two pakeha woman (Desley Simpson) and (Diane Gribben) and one chinese Frieda Yu.

One councillor is Indian (Aaron Bhatnagar)

In the rest of Auckland City there are only pakehas amongst the Labour/CityVision and other left aligned organisations.  Leila Boyle may be Maori, but I’m not sure. She is though definitely hideous to look at.

Lily Ho a chinese is on Community Board in Avondale for C&R

Sam Lotu-Iiga is Councillor in Maungakiekie.

There is one Independent Chinese woman Virginia Chung on the Board I think in Eden Albert

Sooooo, the rich prick C&R have very good ethnic representation and the only team with a Maori board member.  Can’t say the same for the left that are doing all the complaining.  Oh, of course there is Ms Casey.   She’s Scottish or Irish, or something, certainly she represents the mentall infirm at the very least.