Mythbusting – Thousands against Super City and for Maori seats

That’s interesting, because a Herald online poll suggests overwhelming support AGAINST Maori seats on a Supercity Auckland Council. 19% in favour, 81% against.

81% say no to Maori seatsI notice that the PSA and EPMU were protesting at the Hikoi as well. Apparently they don’t want a single job lost as a result of amalgamation.

How many marchers had proper jobs, and how many were paid by the taxpayer (govt employees and beneficiaries of state munificence)?

In the truckies protest last year there was not one single state funded protester and to put things into perspective over 100,000 braved the cold weather to watch Boobs on Bikes.

I think it is safe to say that Aucklanders care more about Boobs on Bikes than Maori Seats in a council.

BTW has any MSM “journalist” asked Len Brown why manukau doesn’t have any Maori wards? What about The Clown from Campbells Bay? Or Bob Harvey? They have been mayors long enough for this suddenly important democratic right that they all marched in favour off for them to have implemented. Funny how they haven’t. Dies their new found desire for democracy only come about because they are about to lose their jobs.