National backflips on MP funding

Mps are trough snufflersNational backflips on MP fundingNational did a complete somersault yesterday over a law that has liberalised the rules applying to MPs’ spending and is now promoting a continuation of the law which it called “a disgrace” in Opposition. The MPs spending rules… [NZ Herald Politics]

I am disgusted by this. Are National MP’s not looking at what is happening in the UK where there is massive voter rebellion at excessive trough snuffling by MP’s.

Admittedly this isn’t in the same league but it is getting there.

Parliament needs to be cleaned up. Back in opposition National railed against these changes and now when in power they keep them. That just makes them as venal as Labour.

It is essentially back-door funding of political parties. I object strenuously to any of my taxpayers money going to Labour, The Greens, Jim Anderton or Peter Dunne.

My campaign for reform of MP spending will continue and if I need to smack a few heads via the blog then so be it. I’m watching you fucker, I’m watching.