Northey-gate Part 3

Richard Northey leaving OfficeI hate the use of “gate” being attached to political scandals but in the case of Cr. Richard Northey stealing documents from and rifling and rummaging his way through the office of Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga then this has all the hallmarks of the infamous Watergate scandal that ultimately brought down Richard Nixon.

And there is yet another coincidence here. Richard Nixon’s initials are R.N. as are Richard Northey’s.

Onehunga-gate? – Nah too hard
Maungakiekie-gate? – even worse
Office-gate? – Silly
Labour-gate? – Too broad

So you see, stolen documents, rummaging an office and matching initials, it couldn’t really be anything else other than Northey-gate.

One major thing concerns me though through all of this and that is Richard Northey currently sits as Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Auckland City Council.

Are these the actions of someone who is charged with overseeing the Audit and Risk functions of the Auckland City Council? Surely Richard Northey isn’t going to claim he was conducting a spot audit of Cr. Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga’s office?

He is claiming that this was public space. Surely he doesn’t think that will hold water? Using that logic I wonder what he would do if Whaleoil wandered down to his office and turned it over before leaving with a fistful of papers, after all his office would be a public place too with him being a serving councillor?

Richard J. Northey should do what Richard M. Nixon finally did and resign.