Northey-gate Part 5 – The Coup

Richard "Nixon" NortheyMy sources tell me that there is a coup on in City Vision. Approaches are being made and Richard “Nixon” Northey is being asked to fall on his sword. unfortunately hat they are planning is a small nick of the sword rather than ritual dis-embowelment which is required for such an apalling display on untrustworthiness. They are hoping that his resignation from the leadership of City Vision will be scalp enough. Not for this blogger, I want his resignation from council.

Glenda Fryer is quietly having a word and Leila Boyle is being asked to step up to the leadership of City Vision. Labour HQ has decided that Northey is ineffectual and now mired in controversy to push their agenda. Leila Boyle though isn’t tough enough either so is a seat warmer until Len Brown can come in with the Super city elections.

Glenda is the messenger and she has been promised something better after trying to parachute in to Mt Albert only to be parachuted over the top by fill in Labour leader Phil Goff and his chosen soldier of fortune David “Blackwater” Shearer.

Richard “Nixon” Northey is now hopelessly compromised and there are many councillors at Auckland City now gunning for him. C&R can sniff a by-election, one they would be confident of winning. Northey is going to get a kicking from them for sure.

Privately National wishes for Northey to stay on as he is hopeless and so are staying away from this story. Unfortunately for them Labour has sniffed this strategy out and are moving to neuter it by replacing Northey with Leila Boyle.

I do wonder though what Local Government Minister Rodney Hide thinks of all this?

Richard “Nixon” Northey must go in the name of common decency.