Northey-gate Part 6 – Lying like a flatfish

Richard "Nixon" NortheyBernard Orsman has another article today on Northey-gate but unfortunately, it is isn’t online, nore is it even remotely close to the truth of the matters at hand. The headline reads “Snooping Claim Cleared Up“.

It is isn’t and here is why.

Richard “Nixon” Northey’s statements are in direct contradiction to the 4 eyewitnesses I have spoken to. These people are upstanding pillars of society with absolutely no reason to lie. One is actually a cloth cap socialist social worker and so more in line with Northey in his thinking.

All of the witnesses I have spoken to categorically deny that Richard “Nixon” Northey was ever given permission by anyone and they are gob-smacked that he continues to lie like a lizard.

Northey is probably cock-a-hoop after talking with Peseta Sam Lotu-iiga who Orsman has quoted as accepting of Northey’s explanation. Unfotunately I think that is mainly because Sam is just such a nice guy that he accepts the word of even veteran liars like Richard “Nixon” Northey at face value. Northey however flat out lies when he says;

“I certainly didn’t do any rifling through anything at all”

Of course with a statement like that Richard Northey is possibly not lying, he knows very well what he was rifling through. Note I have repeatedly called Richard “Nixon” Northey a liar. I do that on purpose so that he may try to sue me. The first thing I would do is invite him to swear an affadavit to those exact words. Then I will go get affadavits from my witnesses and we will see where this goes. I am happy to test my allegations in a court of law, Is Richard “Nixon” Northey?

Richard “Nixon” Northey should resign. He has repeatedly lied over this matter, not only to Bernard Orsman but also to Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga. I can prove he lied. If anything when this happened he should have apologised for giving the impression of his furtive rifling of papers. He didn’t he chose to lie about it. he chose the path that he is now on and this blogger calls for his immediate resignation from the Council or for Richard “Nixon” Northey to put his reputation on the line legally.