Northey-gate Part 7 – Tricky Dicky

Richard "Nixon" NortheyI am told that yesterday Richard “Nixon” Northey was all cock-a-hoop after reading Bernard Orsman’s article in the Herald, he was walking around the council building looking like the proverbial cat that had licked the cream.

Though today he may not feel quite so chipper. This blog has asked the tough questions of Northey. He so far has failed to front.

While Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga is being a gentleman in accepting the word of Richard “Nixon” Northey I am told that none of the 4 witnesses are quite so accommodating. That either makes the four of them liars or it makes Richard “Nixon” Northey a liar. I am picking the latter.

The other news that is interesting is that other Council members and staff have now taken to calling Richard “Nixon” Northey – “Tricky Dicky”. That was of course the moniker hung on Richard Milhouse Nixon before his resignation in ignominy.

How long before Northey falls on his sword or does Whaleoil have to cut his throat for him.

I ask again of Tricky Dicky. Does he still stand by his statement that;

“I certainly didn’t do any rifling through anything at all”

Despite the fact that no less than four witnesses say otherwise?

Does the Whale have to go and get affadavits from the four witnesses to get you to resign?

Wouldn’t it be better for all if your had a “health issue” that mean’t you needed to step aside?

Think about it Richard, think very carefully if you want to carry on down the path you have chosen.