Northey-gate – Part 8 – The Affidavits

Richard "Nixon" NortheyThe Tricky Dicky of Auckland politics, Richard “Nixon” Northey,  the pro tem Chairman of the Audit Committee, is still walking around looking like the cat that licked the proverbial cream. He shouldn’t be so cocksure because the Whale is annoyed.

It has been several days since I called on Tricky Dicky to come clean and swear an affidavit about his involvement in rifling the desk of Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga. He has failed to deliver.

The Whale will now ensure that the four witnesses to this terrible example of betrayal of trust and openness have their own affidavits prepared.

Once they are complete then I will release them one a day until he gives up the charade of his lies. his position as a councillor is untenable.

I see too that the guy with the girls name at The Standard has released some dates of meetings National MP’s are holding on the Super City. Coincidentally that is one of the exact things that Richard “Nixon” Northey took. I just wonder if they now realise that they have confirmed yet again the links between Labour and The Standard by publishing those dates.

Rumours are also now bubbling to the surface inside Labour and City Vision that Leila Boyle is about to roll Tricky Dicky from the leadership of City Vision as predicted on this blog just a few short days ago.

UPDATE: I have been informed that the affidavits are being prepared as of now.