O Winston, Winston wherefore art thou Winston?

David Farrar has the looney email from Brendan Horan.

Let’s keep our chins up and get pro-active. Our policies are working for New Zealand and this will become more obvious as time wears on.

Soon New Zealand will be calling for New Zealand First and Winston. When that time comes we must have our infrastructure in place so we are ready to answer that call.

– talk about deluded!

Brendan Horan, former pub quiz master, failed weather presenter and now NZ First “Media Liasion (sic)”, needs to work on his spelling and punctuation. Strange that it’s being left to Horan to communicate to the members, and not Winston. Is he even still alive?

I wonder too whether the NZF website should still promoting its key people as ministers and MPs and using the Parliamentary Crest, when the party is no longer in Parliament.

In the end it probably won’t matter especially if we ahve the perfect storm of an extremely cold winter, high power prices and Swine Flu. That’ll see of most of the NZ First membership for sure.