Phil spinning up a storm

Phil Goff is spinning up a storm about the selection of right-winger David Shearer in Mt Albert. Today on bFM he even went so far as to lie about the results of the floor vote at the selection.

GOFF: I went to the selection yesterday with eight really superb candidates you know, I think the bonus for us is that a lot of the others that weren’t successful in this case, I’m encouraging to put their name forward for 2011. But David David Shearer, won the unanimous support of the panel, locals and, the New Zealand council…

PRESENTER: How many on the panel.>

GOFF: …and he won the, the vote on the floor.

David Shearer did not win the floor vote and that makes it implausible that he also won the LEC votes unamimously as well. Don’t forget that Meg Bates’ mother was the Chair of the LEC and stood down after appointing her surogate. I doubt that person was behind David Shearer with anything except a knife.