Phil Twyford – You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye

Phil Twyford is the weakest linkFrom golden boy-wonder, inheriter of the Throne of Mt Albert to last cab off the rank, Phil Twyford has certainly got the message from Phil Goff that his is a face that isn’t wanted. He is now to be considered the weakest link.

Helen Clark anointed Twyford as the man to take over her seat and Goff spiked that ambition. He has now been placed right at the bottom of Labour’s rankings at number 42.

Even junkie Darien Fenton is higher than him as is other notable failures like George Hawkins and Mita Ririnui, even newcomer MP Damien O’Connor is higher placed.

It seems that Goff has eviscerated the Clarkists. Known Clarkist with the exception of the Ginga Boy Wonder Darren Hughes have been tossed aside. Former Clark staffer Grant Robertson has similarly been cast down the listing.

Goff is stamping his mark on the party in a most emphatic way. There will be plotting to be sure.