PM moves to ban P-makers' vital cold pills

PM moves to ban P-makers’ vital cold pillsPrime Minister John Key is proposing to combat the drug P by banning its main ingredient, pseudoephedrine, from use in over-the-counter cold and flu tablets. Mr Key’s first task for his chief science adviser, Professor Peter Gluckman,… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uhmmm…much and all as I am against ‘P’, the PM is looking in the wrong place for the source of meth cooks ingredients.

He would be better to crack down on dodgy car importers and Russian land owners and taking a close look around some coastal Auckland property.

That would be far more effective in halting the P-trade.

Cold and flu tablets would account for just the tip of the iceberg of the problem. Far better would be proper scanning of containers of goods coming into the country. The gangs are direct importing and have buyers permanently on the payroll in China. They can’t be botherered with small timers scabbing a box of Codral from the pharmacy.