Racist wig-wearing fool

Mt Albert voters run up their coloursWhite-haired Mt Albert pharmacist David Baird met his first living, breathing politician yesterday – and gave her an earful. “Hi, I’m Melissa Lee, National candidate for Mt Albert,” said the politician. “Well you won’t be getting… [NZ Herald Politics]

Melissa Lee won’t be getting the vote of a local pharmicist, David Baird, because he is a wig-wearing racist fool.

Wig-wearing fool“Well you won’t be getting my vote because I don’t think we need any Asians in Parliament,” the pharmacist shot back tartly.

Korean-born Ms Lee, a former journalist who has been in New Zealand for 21 years, asked brightly, “Why not?”

Mr Baird said he had his reasons. “They are very difficult people to deal with. They don’t spend any money. I don’t see that they bring any money into the country. Another problem is their English is very bad.

“You’re all right,” he told the candidate later. “You are almost 100 per cent. But, seriously, we find it difficult, particularly old people. We have Titus here to talk to them.”

Chinese-born Titus Jiang, fresh out of the Otago pharmacy school and preparing to cast his first vote in Mt Albert, smiled when his name was mentioned. He said later he did not know much about politics but “at the moment National seems all right”.

Mr Baird voted NZ First last year and has not decided whom to support in the June 13 byelection, caused by Helen Clark’s departure to the United Nations.

This racist fool not only has a really bad wig perched on top of his bigoted head but is condescending as well. He employs what he clearly thinks is a tame monkey to deal with people who he doesn’t believe should be here.

If I lived in Mt Albert I would boycott his pharmacy. I don’t. I live in Howick with a large Asian community where tolerance is enjoyed. My Doctor is Chinese from Singapore, my Pharmacist is Chinese from Malaysia, the local sushi bar is owned by Koreans, my favourite restaurant is KenYakitori owned by Japanese. None of these people are difficult to deal with and language is not a barrier.

If anyone should leave NZ it should be wig-wearing bigots.

UPDATE: With attitudes like that is it any wonder that Asians don’t pend money in his store.