Rankin's 'insensitive' marriage draws fury

Rankin’s ‘insensitive’ marriage draws furyNew Families Commissioner Christine Rankin is facing fresh criticism after revelations she married a Wellington man just months after his previous wife took her own life. Close friends and colleagues of Margo McAuley, 42, who died… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’ll tell you what draws fury, sactimonious newspaper editors on a political crusade dragging peoples personal lives into public appointments.

I do hope that Carolyne Meng-yee has a perfect and saint like life as does the editor of the Herald on Sunday. Because I tell you what, people like me tend to go biblical on hypocritical, finger-pointing busybodies. (If anyone does have some dirt on these two then let me know via the tipline)

Since we are talking about going biblical lets look at a couple of pertinent text that the MSM would do well to learn as they do a “Palin” in Christine Rankin and Melissa Lee.

John 8:7

Matthew 7:1