Rudman looks at reneging on promises

Brian Rudman: National steels itself to squirmAlmost since the day they were elected into office, National’s leadership has been softening us up to the likelihood they’ll renege on their key election promise – a $4 billion, three-year programme of personal tax cuts. Tomorrow,… [NZ Herald Politics]

Brian Rudman looks at the prospect of National reneging on its tax cut promises tomorrow in the budget.

I find myself in agreement with him.

I wonder why it is that it is deemed acceptable to renege on tax cut promises yet steadfastly adhere to the “no cutting of so-called entitlements” promises?

Perhaps Bill English could explain to the ever patient taxpayer why they should not get a tax cut and they should continue to pay for Working for Families, or Universal Superannuation, both totally daft ideas completely without logic or merit in these hard economic times.