Rudman should remember his history

Cloth cap socialist whinger Brian Rudman has a brain fart in todays NZ Herald. He reckons that “If the Government comes out with an el cheapo, neighbourhood-ruining, overland solution for the Waterview Connection in the next week or so, it will suggest National’s market research shows they haven’t a chance of winning the Mt Albert byelection”.

He may well be right. But he should remember his history.

The reason that a tunnel is even in the planning is because the former MP for Mt Albert in classic NIMBY socialist style refused to even consider any sort of road upgrade if it didn’t have a tunnel in the planning. She even uttered the famous words that it would be “over her dead body” that a such a road would be built. Accordingly Transit did the bidding of their political masters and remember too that Mike “H-Fee” Williams sat on Transits board, and dutifully planned a gilt-edged tunnel plan. Well Helen Elizabeth Clark is dead, electorally, the body is buried in new york, I say get the bulldozers rumbling.

In the interim, as well, something else has happened that seems to have escaped Brian Rudman’s cossetted little world of smoky pressrooms at the Herald. We have had a world wide global recession. There simply isn’t a spare $3 billy lying around to chuck at a fecking tunnel to appease 300 Mt Albert house owners in the most Labour of streets.

So, callous as it may seem, the government should just bloody bulldoze the houses and be damned. The 300 houses are in an area that hasn’t returned even a smidgeon of votes at any booth ever for National so they can just take their lumps.

Closeer to polling day this blog will reveal more about socialists and their closet NIMBY behaviour.