Russel not as clean as he makes out

Below is an email exchange from a reader who raised some questions with Russel Norman after Bryce Edwards blogged about MP’s campaigning on the taxpayers ticket especially Russel Norman who lives in Wellington.

Russel’s reply is interesting, I wonder, perhaps, if he has been following the scandal over MP’s expenses in the UK. Over there all the outed MP’s claimed that they followed the rules. Rules they may be but whether or not they are morally right in doing so is another issue altogether.

Is he really trying to say that he only visits Auckland when he is invited to an event as Greens co-leader?   Even then should Parliamentary Services pay for it?

Subject: RE: Worrying Article
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 17:52:51 +1200
From: Russel Norman <[email protected]>
To: Bob

Hi Bob

I am carefully following the rules laid down by Parliamentary Services.
When campaigning in Mt Albert I pay for my cabs (I have a car from a
friend up there so don’t use cabs much) and accommodation (again staying
with Green supporters).

I travel around NZ constantly as co-leader and Parliamentary services
pays for my flights. For example, I am off to Auckland shortly so that I
can attend the Child Poverty Action Group budget breakfast tomorrow.

Bryce has a long history of personal attacks on me and the Greens, it is
tedious. I no longer read his stuff.

Best wishes


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From: Bob
Sent: Thursday, 28 May 2009 4:47 p.m.
To: Russel Norman
Subject: Worrying Article

Hi Russel – I’ve just read the article by Bryce Edwards “MP expenses and
corruption in Mt Albert?” dated 27 may.

Can you please confirm who is paying your travel expenses to the Mt
Albert electorate?