Shearer lost the floor vote – accusations of rigging surfacing

My Labour spies have alerted me to the fact that David Shearer actually lost the floor vote in Labour’s selection meeting last night. This was also confirmed by a comment at the Labour off-shore lap-blog The Standard.

I was there Tane. The poppies on the photos of returned servicement [sic] were a nice touch. The lhaksa and the pea and ham soup were nice. The apples were floury.

No way did shearer win the floor vote. You have been misinformed.

There were a lot of angry people leaving that hall yesterday. Might as well have been the National party for all the democracy of the selection.

My sources tell me and this confirms that it appears that Head Office has strong armed the locals into accepting Goff’s hand-picked soldier of fortune.

The commenter at the Standard has revealed that David Shearer lost the floor vote at the selection meeting last night. Labour has trumpeted the fact that 200 local party members participated in the selection meeting. It appears that the expression of support for Meg Bates was completely ignored by Goff’s appointed delegates, and run rough-shod over the local views.

Labour appears to be in real trouble over Mount Albert.