Shooting sparks firearm debate

If guns kill people do pencils misspell words

Shooting sparks firearm debate – Consideration of stricter gun laws following the death of a police officer in Napier would be premature, Police Minister Judith Collins says. [Stuff Politics]

The previous two cops killed were killed with a car and an air rifle, at the time I don’t recall any debate about banning either. So why then is there a renewed call for guns to be banned in the wake of the killing of Len Snee?

The logic is simply flawed. If guns kill people then by the same logic;

  • Pencils misspell words
  • Cars make people drive drunk
  • Matches cause arson
  • And spoons made Parekura Hormomia fat

It is simple, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

But they do it with guns, knives, cars, baseball bats or whatever they can get their hands on. When a criminal comes to kill me with method, I hope I have the ability to shoot back. If the government decided to get oppressive and take away my rights, I hope I have a gun to fight them with.

And so would you.

Never trade freedom for security…you’ll have neither.

In some respects it is time to review our gun laws. It is time for our police to be armed. The criminals already are, and often better equipped than the police. It is also time to return our right to bear arms as well. The police can’t and won’t protect us, we need the ability to protect ourselves.