Some troughing MPs end silence over expenses

MPs end silence over expensesIn the heat of the by-election battle for Mt Albert, two MPs are taking the surprise step of breaking ranks with all their political colleagues to disclose their Parliamentary expenses. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman and Act’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is an old adage about politicians and being able to tell they are lying. The answer of course is that their lips are moving and today in the HoS we wee two MP’s whose lips have been moving.

There is much more troughing going on in Mt Albert than just the candidates. Labour is flying in all their MP’s with the little ginga tool spending the most time in Auckland when he is the erstwhile member for Otaki.

The media needs to be loooking very closely at ALL MP’s that are spending an awful amount of time, taxpayers money, on travelling via Mt Albert.

Of course it is very difficult to ascertain whether there is extreme troughing going on because MP’s refused to allow the OIA to apply to them. it is time it did.