Super City Mayoral Watch

It seems Len Brown, though proud to say he a proud South Aucklander, doesn’t like the knockers from South Auckland.

Why he wishes to diss the fair maidens of Otara and South Auckland, specifically their heaving bosoms, is beyond me, but I guess with all the money, doctors and social climbing of the average woman in Takapuna or Herne Bay, the knockers there are likely to be much more impressive than the ones from South Auckland.

To be fair,  I’m not so keen on the knockers in South Auckland either (I focus only on an immediate pair in Howick, or by proxy the guns and girls that I have posted here on Whaleoil for public viewing ), but he’s a brave politician to go bragging about it on his website.

To be honest, I didn’t know Len had it in him to go around appreciating all the knockers that might come his way, especially since he’s been complaining about all the sex workers in Hunters Corner. With his heart condition the way it is, he ought to lay off any little blue pills that help him appreciate any knockers that might come his way.

Lastly, he says he likes Mahatma Gandhi, though not enough to spell his surname properly. (Ghandi?)