The Big Money in Elections is……

Artists feature in Labour’s $500,000 list of election donationsThe Labour Party received nearly $500,000 in donations of more than $10,000 to fund its election campaign last year – including from an impressive list of artists and the makers of bro’Town. Parties’ returns of donations of more… [NZ Herald Politics]

The big money in election donations is Labour’s. They scored the most from donors including a hundy from the Velas who also gave a hundy to NZ First. NZ first also scored some loot from Sir Patrick Hogan. I mean it is the least they could do after scoring all the free loot from the Racing minister under the guise of subsidies.

The donation returns just go to show that the big money around town trying to buy elections is with the Labour Party. Most of their hooter came from unions.

I think it is time that the entities allowed to donate money to or belong to political parties are natural persons.