The Clown of Campbells Bay – Class A Hypocrite

The Three Stooges of AucklandThe Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, who also masquerades as the Mayor of North Shore City has been prominent in the press recently commenting on the Super City. He also trundled down Queen Street lending his support to the Hikoi that was demanding Maori representation where there is none presently.

Mayor Williams it would appear is a recent convert to Maori democractic rights, though he isn’t so committed to the idea that he has any Mari Wards in North Shore City.

In fact in February 2002 he described such an idea as “seperatist”.

This is a strange turn of events so I thought I would email the Mayor to see what the real story is. I haven’t had a reply yet.

Here are the questions I asked of him;

  • Do you still stand by your statements made on 28 FeBruary 2002 that Maori electoral wards are “separatist”. These were published in the North Sore Times Advertiser at the time along with statements from Andrew Eaglen who believed they are a threat to democracy.
  • If you do still stand by those comments in 2002 what made you attend the Hikoi and state the opposite and which position is true?
  • If you have resiled from those 2002 statements what was it that made you change your mind?
  • Are you a hypocrite?
  • If not a hypocrite, then what? A liar perhaps?

I don’t expect he will reply, but perhaps Mr Orsman might like to ask the same questions of the Clown of Campbells Bay in order to clarify this murky situation.