The Idiots Guide to Social Media and Anonymous Blogging

The leftwing elements of the blogosphere apart from a few select individuals like to maintain secrecy. They blog anonymously because generally they don’t want people to know who they are, or work in an area that blogging would not be tolerated. A good example of this as we all know are the anonymong bloggers at the Labour/EPMU funded off-shore lapblog The Standard. They like to maintain the pretense of being independent but almost all of their bloggers either work for Labour or the EPMU. One of them even faked his resignation from the blog because of a supposed conflict of interest but continues to blog under the guise of “Guest Post”. His little problems with his job will arise shortly.

Another blog run by Jordan Carter who claims consistently to be independent of Labour yet runs their lines consistently is Just Left. You may remember Jordan Carter, he is the guy who reckons he will never work in business because he finds trade immoral and Labour’s absentee Hunua candidate.

Well enough of the preamble, let’s get on with the lesson. This lesson is about how NOT to anonymously blog and skite about it in Social Media. Such silliness just leads to your embarrassment.

Since we are talking about Just Left let’s look at the case of anonymong “Dolan”

“Dolan” wants to be anonymous. “Dolan” wants to appear independent. However “Dolan” is a complete fool. “Dolan” wants to be anonymous for professional reasons, but still wants the perceived status of blogging.

However “Dolan”, the numpty, has set it up so when he posts it appears on his Facebook newsfeed, despite blogging under a pseudonym. We have here what is known in the trade as a “Homer Moment”

You see the problem with Social Media is that the whole premise of sharing your information is in direct contradiction with the anonymong blogger trying to hide his identity.

For example;

“Dolan” wrote this post about the Super Ciy, Paula Bennet and Rodney Hide.

At the same time due to his setup of posting his blog posts to his wall on Facebook this appeared.

Dolan is Enzo Giordani


Thus revealing to us all that “Dolan” is in fact Enzo Giordani, Labour’s northern region chair and EPMU organiser. This also confirms the very close links between the top levels of the Labour Party and the EPMU. In fact one could almost say that they are synonymous.

Enzo Giordani is DolanWhat we also know now too is the EPMU are very much in the forefront of the organisation of the opposition to the Super City.

This blog has now shown the close links between the EPMU and Labour on not only the Standard but also now Just Left. The Labour Party President and EPMU General Secretary needs to come clean twice now. First he needs to come clean wearing his hat as the Labour Party President and explain how the Labour Party funds and operates two blogs and that he approves of Labour and taxpayer funded staff blogging “anonymously”. Then he needs to wear his EMPU hat and explain how the union and Labour are in fact seperate organisations when all the evidence thus far suggests they are branches of one another, sharing resources across organisations and across blogs.

Lastly the left really needs to wake up when it comes to Social Media. They were caught with their pants down over Twitter and now they have been caught again.

This blog and other will also reveal this week another anonymong blogger who really shouldn’t be working where he is given the slanderous and defamatory remarks he has made about his “customers”. It really is about Trust.