The lying over Maori Council seats continues

Aortic Len, the Mayor of Manukau City is confused.

Here on Newstalk ZB, Len Brown says “his council has been able to give tangata whenua a voice through its ward structure. He says it is a critical element of governance, and why there are Maori seats in parliament.”

But Manukau City doesn’t have any Maori seats, never has, never will. It’s a plain old ward structure. The Pacific Islander and Maori councillors, namely Jami-Lee Ross, Alf Filipaina, Arthur Anae and Efu Koka all got successfully elected under their own steam, without race based representation.
In fact, tangata whenua consultation with Manukau City is done via exactly the same mechanism as that which the supercity is advocating – a Mana Whenua committee.
So what is Len talking about?
As I was driving to the gym I heard an ad for the Hikoi and the bro-speaking fool doing the voice over mentioned something about fighting to stop the loss of their democratic voice. The funny thing is that currently there is no democratic voice currently in any of the component cities of the proposed Super City.
Sooooooo….they are fighting against the loss of something they never had in the first place. Good oh! They’re smart those Maaaaarees.