The Mendacity of The Clown continues

The Clown of Campbells BayThe mendacity of Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay and Mayor of North Shore City knows no bounds.

He is quoted in the North Shore Times as saying “The Royal Commission’s recommendations were tossed into the bin without any consultation and I can fully appreciate how betrayed the mana whenua are feeling,”

Thankfully though the North Shore Times reporter is on to The Clown’s mendacity by pointing out that in 2002 Mr Williams was told his comments were “racist” by fellow councillor Tony Holman after questioning Maori involvement in North Shore City Council decision-making.

Mr Williams told a committee meeting he was fed up with too much attention being paid to the Treaty of Waitangi and on promoting Maori involvement.

“This is not going to help New Zealand get ahead and people are sick of it,” he said, labelling supporters of special consultation processes for Maori “divisive lefties”.

He lies again with this comment;

“Since becoming mayor, rather than just endlessly talking about process and treaty principles, I have strived to actively engage with local iwi to get better outcomes for Maori and for our city. The council is very supportive of this positive partnership approach.”

Oh really!, That’d be why North Shore City has all those Maori Ward seats…..what, they don’t have any?….can’t be, Andrew Williams have “strived to actively engage with local iwi”.

The man is a liar, a sot and a fool.