Tonga PM calls for soft approach with Fiji

Tonga PM calls for soft approach with FijiA crack has emerged in the hard line being taken against Fiji, with the Tongan Prime Minister suggesting a softly-softly approach should be tried with the troublesome republic [TVNZ News Politics]

Now this is what I call irony. The Prime Minister of one of the least democratic countries calling for a softly-softly approach on Fiji.

Tonga could hardly be called a democracy but I suspect that there is quite a bit of self interest in this call because clearly the Tongan Prime Minister can see that they could well be next in the calls for more democracy.

Nevertheless he does make some good points about the ultimate futility of sanctions and their blunt stick approach.

Joh Key shouldn’t be so insistent that 2014 is unacceptable for elections in Fiji. The problems in Fiji may well require 5 years to alleviate unless of course we get off our high horse and help them bring that forward.