Waterview's vow: We'll block bulldozers

Lie down in front of this Waterview’s vow: We’ll block bulldozersResidents of Mt Albert and Waterview in Auckland are preparing for battle to save hundreds of homes and hectares of green space from road-building bulldozers. “They’re not going to destroy the whole of Oakley Creek by chucking… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good grief, it isn’t like these houses have any redeeming features, mostly they are wrecks.

If fools want to lie down in front of bulldozers then I suggest hte earthworks be done mid-winter. Or in the middle of the night.

You can’t halt progress, though the Greens would like us to. They don’t have any suggestions except to bring back the bullock tracks and Labour’s suggestion is to spend massively more money than we have. Good luck with both of those strategies.

Waterview is a sorry arse, broken down little backwater, run the road through and get it done so the rest of the city can get moving. I note too that absentee MP Phil Goff (he lives in Clevedon) didn’t mind an open road going through his electorate.