Where did the African Sunset go?

Russel Norman appeared on Close Up tonight with Melissa Lee and some guy from Labour.

I thought he won hands down, he was very statesman-like in handling Paul Henry’s persistent questioning of Melissa Lee. I really feel for Melissa though. She has been beaten up by everyone today and all she was trying to do was think up an answer that was more right-wing that David “Blackwater” Shearer. She failed. Of all the candiates no one is more right-wing than David “Blackwater” Shearer.

Now back to Russel with one ‘l’ Norman.

  • What has happening to his hair?
  • Where was the African Sunset?
  • Has it been dyed?
  • Did TVNZ powder it out?
  • Why is Russel hiding the essential Ginga? 

Right now though between Russel with one ‘l’ Norman and Melissa Lee they have sown up the name recognition statistics. David “Blackwater” Shearer is fading like camouflage into the background.