Who is the Dirty Rat in the Parliamentary Library?

There is a rat in the parliamentary library. A dirty filthy rat. This is an example of what he once said about one of his customers.

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryIn fact, when was the last time you can recall Key saying anything positive at all? All I can think of him doing is making dishonest attacks and never, ever offering a real solution, only vague promises that he will magically make everything better.

Do you think that John Key could get impartial research prepared by the dirty stinking rat who said that?

What about Bill English?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryBill and the Tories can spit all the bile they like but the job now is to govern. We’re still waiting.

Or Gerry Brownlee?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryGerry ’sexy coal’ Brownlee has spent today ripping apart more anti-climate change laws.

Paula Bennett?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryAs if any more evidence was needed that National’s Paula Bennett is completely out of her depth as Minister of Social Development, it appears Work and Income is turning away the hungry while Paula can’t even get her lines straight

We need our civil servants to be non-partisan and especially in the key area of research int he Parliamentary Library. Right now if I was a National party Mp I couldn’t trust anything coming from there while they employ a nasty, vile, partisan rat.

Clearly Parliamentary Services staff checking procedures are lacksadaisical at best, non-existant at worst.