Why the outrage?

Outrage over brothel at National MP’s houseA brothel that horrified neighbours in a leafy Mt Eden street was operating from a house co-owned by a National MP. Kanwal Bakshi, a first-term list MP who stood in Manukau East, said he gave notice to the tenants to move out last… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’m struggling to see the issue with this Spam Journalism by the HoS.

  1. Kanwal Bakshi owns a house, perfectly legal, plenty of MP’s are landlords some are rack-renters of slums which would be far more of an issue than owning a property that has been turned into a brothell.
  2. Prostitution is legal. It is a legal occupation and business enterprise. More so that the business was operating from a premises rather than the street.

About the only issue is that the business wasn’t licenced but that is hardly Bakshi’s problem is it. And as for all the faux outrage about Mt Eden being such a nice suburb, well people need, want and get roots on the good side of town so just get over yourselves.