WORLD FIRST: Whaleoil Wrong, Admits it

In a world first, I can reveal that I made a mistake in a blog post. Over the weekend, I criticised Fran O’Sullivan for suggesting that Police Minister Judith Collins could launch an inquiry into the dodgy business of Howard Broad’s politically corrupt handling of the “investigation” into the theft of Don Brash’s emails and subsequent cover up.

In fact, Fran was right and I was wrong.

According to the Cabinet Manual and the Department of Internal Affairs’ very useful document “Setting Up and Running Commissions of Inquiry“, any Minister, including the Police Minister, can set up a Commission of Inquiry. Commissions of Inquiry can inquire into any matter of major public importance or concern to the government of the day. Any Minister may propose an inquiry, but must consult the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General first, prior to submitting the proposal to Cabinet. Before giving its approval, Cabinet should seek advice form the relevant Minister’s office, the relevant department, DPMC and the Crown Law Office.

So Judith Collins can act. And she should. She has previously said she is worried about the public perception our police bosses are politically corrupt. If she doesn’t act, it looks like the new government is hiding something.

PS. Over at Kiwiblog, Farrar made the same mistake. Will he admit he was wrong, and join WOBH’s call for an inquiry?