Actually, Just Resign Already

Richard Worth should commit SeppukuRichard Worth should just resign as an MP. After the affidavit of one of the complainants and the likelihood of more surfacing he should just resign already.

He doesn’t need to remain a crippled and resented backbencher in order to clear his name. He can do that from home. His political career is finished. He’s washed up as a politician. He might even be innocent, but he’s still washed up

What woman would come and see him at his office now to fix an immigration problem?

What young schoolgirl would want to interview him about being an MP?

What St Cuth’s or EGGS girl would want to be his youth parliament rep?

More to the point what parent would let them in the first place?

What husband in the National Party would want his wife to attend a function Worth was at?

More to the point, if his own wife can’t trust him, then why the hell should we?

What member of the Northern Club would sit at a table or share a drink with him?

What self respecting National Party member would buy a ticket to a function he is hosting or speaking at?

Which little old ladies in Epsom will bake scones for the cake stall for him?

Who would deliver a pamphlet for him?

Is it conceivable National would put out a pamphlet with his face on it?

What school would invite him to speak about Parliament and his being a politician?

How can National claim to represent the family while he remains on board?

How might his remaining an MP affect the political fortunes of other National MPs? – could his hanging around hurt Sam Lotu-Iiga or Nikki Kaye both with slimmer majorities than the true blue seats around Auckland?

What happened to his Facebook page? If he can’t show his face on Facebook anymore, how can he show it around Parliament?

Just go, Richard and go now.