Another good post from Chris Trotter

While Labour and Phil Goff in particular continue to get down in the gutter other commentators have noticed that things are somewhat different than Labour paint as a picture.

Chris Trotter is one of them.

According to Labour and its left-wing allies, John Key is a hard-line free-marketeer who had to be “sold” to the New Zealand electorate (principally by the Australian political consultancy, Crosby-Textor) as a benign centrist. Had Key not adopted this persona, the Left insists, he would never have been elected. Which means National’s election-winning formula: Labour-lite + tax-cuts; cannot be abandoned before 2011 without putting its re-election at risk. Consequently, Key must wait until he wins a second term before unleashing his “secret” agenda: radical welfare reform + wholesale deregulation and privatisation.

But what if we are actually watching a very different movie? What if, far from being a sort of antipodean werewolf, impatiently waiting for the next electoral full moon so he can tear to shreds what remains of the egalitarian New Zealand dream, Key really is a moderate? What if the horror-movie we’re watching isn’t The Howling, but a political version of Night of the Living Dead, in which Key and his Finance Minister desperately battle the reanimated corpses of economic and social policies everyone believed dead and buried in the 1990s?
Essentially Trotters piece is about how Labour may have got the wrong plot for their film. If indeed it is Night of the Living Dead then the voters will certainly see John Key and Bill English as saviours which is the worst possible scenario for Labour.
I think Trotter may well be right. So far all of lbour’s scare mongering has not even remotely come true.