Big Stink in Rubbish Contract

Bernard Orsman has an article today in the NZ Herald about the controversial rubbish tender on Waiheke Island. There is much more to come on this for sure. Cr. Cathy Casey bizarrely is getting her lawyer involved, not to cover her ass on the canvassing claims but because she wants to go after the council officer who accessed her emails.

Anyway the upshot of all this is;

  • the Waiheke waste company (Clean Stream) broke tender rules by lobbying all councillors from City Vision and Labour by email. My understnding is that they are being recommended for disqualification.
  • Some City Vision councillors responded back in emails, including Glenda Fryer who offered to put Clean Stream’s attack points on another tender submitter on the City Vision-Labour caucus agenda.
  • Cathy Casey went further, suggesting ideas for media stunts to attack another other tender submitter, as well as how she could help Clean Stream. Casey also coordinated her messages with local Waiheke Island pressure groups and Cr Denise Roche, who is the partner of the Clean Stream director who was emailing above.
  • The independent auditor picked up on this highly unethical behaviour, and asked for councillor email records (all the above emails were sent to and from councillor email addresses). After reviewing the evidence he has recommended all City Vision-Labour councillors not participate any further in this debate.
  • The council audit and risk committee and CEO agree that Cathy Casey should not participate any further, and has possibly broken code of conduct rules.

After the Richard Northey debacle, where he stole documents from the office of Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga’s office, we now see that the Labour/Green councillors are involved in manipulating a tender process and troughing of the worst kind.

Here we have a company, with a director with a partner who is a left wing councillor who is also an ex-trustee of the company, emailing all the left wing councillors for support. Some of those councillors emailed back, offering various levels of support. They then tried to overturn the proposed decision in favour of their mate from Clean Stream. They’ve gotten caught by the strict auditing processes, and now they’re in big trouble. They even tried to get the independent auditor’s report hidden in confidential instead of out in the open.

Sounds like they should all resign before it gets more messy.