Brian Rudman agrees with Cactus Kate: Old goats need a swift kick

Brian Rudman: Old goats need a swift kickThe God’s gift to women delusion is hardly a rare phenomenon in parliamentary or legal circles. They’re both trades that attract those with the messianic gene. What is disillusioning is that more than a century after Kate Sheppard… [NZ Herald Politics]

Cloth cap socialist Brian Rudman agrees with Cactus Kate and with Chris Trotter.

The God’s gift to women delusion is hardly a rare phenomenon in parliamentary or legal circles. They’re both trades that attract those with the messianic gene. What is disillusioning is that more than a century after Kate Sheppard and her fellow suffragettes won for women the right to vote, and half a century after the radical feminists strutted their stuff, mature women continue to be strung along by these randy old goats.

It seems the left are growing some balls with the exception of Phil Goff who is still trying to milk the salacious stories of Richard Worth’s sex life slowly.

In actual fact the way Phil Goff is milking this it is almost as thogh he is taking a long slow wank.

I digress. Back to Rudman’s article. I think he smells a rat.

According to Mr Goff, the woman says Dr Worth met her and offered her a job as an ethnic affairs adviser. After that meeting he called her again and offered her a job as a member of the Lottery Grants Board, but told her she would have to leave the Labour Party and join National.

To me, it’s puzzling why a loyal Labour Party member would be engaging in such discussions so soon after an election anyway.

Yes very puzzling, and Rudman also lets slip that this woman is no mere Labour Party “member” either, she has in fact tried to get selected as a candidate for Labour at the least election.Hmmmm… a bit of digging is required here. Very curious.

As for the mystery business woman, she has now complained to the police about a sexual encounter that occurred when Dr Worth spent the night in her hotel room – arranged by Dr Worth – during a trip to Wellington.

In both cases, why didn’t they give him a swift kick in the goolies, or in the case of the serial texting, send a copy of the messages to his wife – or to the press? We love to spring to the aid of fair damsels.

When the story first erupted, it sounded like another chapter of the television series, Boston Legal. I waited for Dr Worth to plead Denny Crane’s defence of “mad cow disease” which is how the William Shatner character tries to excuse his outrageously politically incorrect overtures.

And I waited, also in vain, for the women to stand up for themselves, as they do on Boston Legal, belittling Crane, treating him as a figure of fun, or threatening to sue.

Both actions seem so much more effective than the weeping and wailing we’re now getting in the real-life drama.

Heh, very hard to not agree with Brian on this. In fact Rudman should have gone further and asked why it is that Phil Goff let Richard Worth contiue to pester this woman, where was his protection of her? The Phil Goff managed allegations have all the hallmarks of a honey pot trap even though Richard Worth was not exactly a difficult target with his constant philandering with any woman of colour under the age of 60 that showed a spark of life.

Finally Rudman has a word for Key and a hint for the Party hierachy that echos my call yesterday.

As for Prime Minister John Key, having sacked Dr Worth from his ministerial team for undisclosed reasons, why didn’t he rapidly walk away from the whole affair? For nearly a week now he’s been batting around questions about whether or not Dr Worth should be expelled from the party, removed from the party list for the next election and so forth.

Why is he continuing to remain embroiled in the issue? Labour leader Helen Clark was smart enough, when she was Prime Minister, to leave that sort of dirty business to the party organisation. That’s why you have a party machine in moments like this – to keep the prime minister’s hands clean and to take the issue off the boil.

After the Dover Samuels sacking, at about the same stage into Ms Clark’s prime ministership that Mr Key is now at, she tossed that whole mess across to party president Mike Williams to sort out. She went back to more lofty topics. After a day or two, the pursuing media sleuths tired of the takeaway pies and retreated back home and the immediate furore died down. It’s a lesson Mr Key might want to follow.

Well, quite.