Cactus educates a Trougher

Cactus Kate educates professional trougher Jacinda Ardern about farming and why if Moana Mackey is the answer it must have been a bloody stupid question.

Not only that Cactus got ticked off by Clare Curran at Red Alert. It seems that Red Alert is heading the same way as their other lap-blog in turning into an echo chamber of approved voices.

You can read all of Cactus’ education of these silly Labour girls but the best bit is the last.

If there is anything New Zealand farmers have learned over the years is that they provide their own answers to their own problems and know the limitations of the budget and what is available to spend or invest in their farm or industry. And if you are from a true farming family this is what you are ultimately taught – self reliance. Which is precisely why true inter-generational farming families will never vote Labour.

The more Labour tries to lure farmers with the idea that Jacinda and Moana can solve their problems, the more they will drive the votes to National by even massive default.

Politicians are literally as useless as “tits on a bull”.

Very hard to disagree with that, and perhaps precisely why Labour focuses on the indigent and the townies who wouldn’t recognise self-reliance even if you could buy it is a supermarket.