Calls for more transparency

Editorial: Parliament can be more transparentThe embarrassment that has shaken British politics since its MPs’ expense claims were brought to light, has prompted two members of the New Zealand Parliament, both candidates in the Mt Albert byelection, to NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald today has a call for more transparency with parliament including MPs expenses a call which has been echoed by Metiria Turei.

The Green Party has promised to throw open its MPs’ expenses each year – and Act and the Maori Party are considering that too, a move which will put pressure on the big parties to follow suit.

Metiria Turei used her first speech as Greens co-leader yesterday to lay down the challenge at the party’s annual conference in Dunedin.

She said all MPs would release their spending on air travel, taxis, rental car hire, Wellington accommodation and hotel costs.

Bloody good show Metiria, well done.

Of course one way to halt troughing MPs would be to make parliamentary service open to the OIA.