Dalziel in a snit or is she?

Lianne Dalziel in a snitChristchurch mayoral hopeful, not this term though, Lianne Dalziel is in a snit and started whaling on the Christchurch press for daring to use this blog as a source for a story.

But is she really in a snit? Just the other day she told the Christchurch press she had a good laugh (see image left)

I had recently posed the question following an email to the tipline about her possibility of standing for the Christchurch Mayoralty. It seems though it wasn’t that post that upset her even though the original source of the rumour was someone out on the town in Christchurch who bumped in to Lianne who was being very loquacious, Lianne apparently had a good shine on so may not remember it.

No, it was this post about her comments to the select committee that was meeting when she was gently teased by other members.

In her nasty little post though she continues to cast aspersions on the integrity of Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga who is perhaps the most honest MP in the current parliament.

She also tries without naming anyone to lay the blame on another member of the select committee for leaking me this information. She is wrong on all her suppositions and that is all I will say on the matter of who leaked the information to me.

Lianne appears to be yet another Labour MP who runs scared of the Whale. She refuses to link to my site or evcen to mention my name.  Perhaps I am Labour’s Voldemort, where even to mention me is to risk catastrophe. She really must ask Trevor, though, about linking, it is common courtesy to link to the blog you are talking about and Trevor linked through to me earlier on his temper tantrum post. I do note though that Trevor has taken to maligning Lianne’s cooking skills. Boy Trevor, you better hope the sisterhood forgets that comment before the next caucus meeting.

Of course Lianne Dalziel has been in trouble before with her propensity to be less than honest in 2004 when she was forced to resign from Cabinet when she misled NZPA over whether she knew who leaked documents about a controversial immigration case to the media. That said, I have heard many a National MP talk fondly of her time as Assiciate minister of Immigration, before her “troubles”.

So it is interesting that she should post about “trustworthy” sources…nah… interesting is the wrong word, how about ironic? Yes that’s it. Ironic that she posted about “trustworhy” sources.

I bet this comment doesn’t last long at Red Star, or Red Rag or whatever pinko name their silly blog is called.Lianne Dalziel has trust issues