Anger over ‘super mayor’ commentAuckland regional mayors have reacted angrily to a speech in which Prime Minister John Key appeared to give a nod to John Banks as a super city mayoral candidate. [Stuff Politics]

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams who also masquerades as the North Shore mayor is upset and spitting the dummy over John Key’s speech at the National party Conference where he appeared to endrse John Banks for the mayoralty of the new Super City.

Well colour me surprised that Andrew Williams is upset. He gets upset if the wine runs dry.

But can he really expect any other comment when he spams all of National’s MP’s and other party members at 9:31pm and 11:21pm and 11:26pm the night the Auckland regional conference began and coincidentally the same night my “mysterious” fax attack from the North Shore City Council arrived.

Headers of the emails show categoricially they were sent from North Shore Servers at those times. I wonder if my LGOIMA request filed this morning for all fax logs and door access logs for North Shore City between the hours of 8:30pm and 11:59pm Friday 5th June 2009 will show anything interesting.

All I can say to Andrew Williams and Penny Webster is Diddums!

Why don’t they do what Len Brown has done and hire a Labour functionary to run their campaigns for them. (More on this later)