Dropping Standards Worth two cents

This morning I read about Dave Garrett and his sexually explicit comments within the ACT offices. First, I am with Cactus Kate in believing that any intelligent woman would comment loudly and just as inappropriately in a way that would end (and draw attention to such comments) so that said comments would never rear their ugly head again. Second, why aren’t ACT employing intelligent women in their offices anymore? (see my first point if you require clarification)

But seriously, what has become of women in politics? It seems that all of a sudden there are all these meek and mild women subjected to ritual humiliation from sitting MPs (oh, no wait, that was the Honey Trap (as uncovered by WO).

Ok, this time, seriously.

I understand that over at The Standard some are waxing lyrical about how the terrible “Tories” treat women. Well, do we really want to Tha Standard whining like pussiesgo down that track? Are you really calling out all the stories of philandering, womanising, or references to the fraternising between the PR reps and the staffers, the gallery-staffer divide (or should that be unity) and my personal favourite the MPs that get-about within their electorates?

And, don’t give me the line about how paternalistic and inappropriate all those white men in the National party and ACT might be. Wasn’t it Mr Goff that felt the need to refer to a complainant’s looks (as if that made any difference) and subjected the media and the public to a campaign of paternalistic and frankly condescending treatment of women. Why did Mr Goff feel the need to paint a complainant as meek and mild? Why did the wimmin within Labour think it was ok for Goff to represent any woman that way – only for us to find out later that Choudrary was anything but meek and mild. Worst of all, while it appears Mr Goff might not have been the instigator of the Honey Trap (which is still possible) he certainly was signing off or getting updates in a Godfatherly sort of way.

Does The Standard really want to go there? Because it is there in all parties, it is there and continues to be there because sex and politics do go together. Parliament is a strange and somewhat lonely place. It’s a little like an episode of Survivor – together they all share a special bond and experience that is special only to that place; then when they go home it all disintegrates.

I’m not saying Worth, Garrett and the like are right or OK. In my opinion they are pigs but there are ways to deal with pigs. And, from what I hear most women (and some men) in Parliament’s confines can certainly deal with this sort of rubbish from any MP. Please let’s not go down the moronic path of suggesting it’s only the “tories” or the right that commit such offences (or indeed other inappropriate relationships or transactions).