Fraud victim left suicidal

Fraud victim left suicidalSiddesh Sajjan was the victim of what immigration investigators called an “organised crime fraud ring” run by Neelam Choudary’s husband, Kumar. Neelam Choudary is the woman who alleges National’s Richard Worth sent her sleazy text… [NZ Herald Politics]

It seems that Phil Goff’s alleged “victim” is far from the shrinking violet she has been protrayed. In fact one of her own real victims says he has been left suicidal.

Around the blogs ther has been the suggestion that Neelam Choudary collected photos of prominent politicians so she could ahve her very own trophy wall to impress clients. This is incredibly plausible.

One other thing that remains unsaid thus far is the relationship between Richard Worth’s position as Minister of Internal Affairs and her husband’s case on passport and immigration fraud. Was this the reason why she targeted Richard Worth or was the target actually selected by Phil Goff?