Garrett gets reprimand for sexual comment

MP gets reprimand for sexual commentA Government MP has been reprimanded for lewd conduct just weeks after the resignation of National’s Richard Worth. Act MP David Garrett was spoken to by party leader Rodney Hide after making sexual comments to a female member… [NZ Herald Politics]

David Garrett is a rude and obnoxious man,and ther is nothing wrong with being rude and obnoxious, however it appears he has overstepped the mark with unwanted lewd remarks.

There is a risk though with the media ursuing every purient bit of gossip that if they don’t start evening up the score then they will be accused of running interference for the opposition especially when there are rooters, liars and feelers in their ranks too.

Of course there is always the blogs who can even up the score, so contact Whaleoil on the tipline with anything you may have on Labour MP’s and their extra-curricular activities.