Garth George : Immediate exit the only Worthy option

Garth George : Immediate exit the only Worthy optionIf Richard Worth has any brains – and there is a suggestion that those he has reside elsewhere than in his skull – he should resign from the National Party caucus and Parliament forthwith. Heaven knows John Key and his National-led… [NZ Herald Politics]

There are some out there that think my revealing the name of the alleged victim in Goff’s Honey Trap scam is some sort of defense of Richard Worth. Let me put the record straight.

I think Richard Worth is a silly old goat who is a veteran rooter and Mr Feely Fingers. He has form, his is a fool and he should go.

Garth George thinks so too.

Heaven knows John Key and his National-led Government have enough on their plate without being sidetracked by the indiscretions of a sexagenarian spare part, which is essentially what backbenchers are in any government.

It doesn’t matter one whit whether Dr Worth did or did not use his position to get women to lie down for him, the mere suggestion is enough to justify his dismissal from his minor portfolios.

Exactly. He needs to go and before caucus next Tuesday so there are no further distractions. And as for the role of Phil Goff in all of this?

Mr Goff’s behaviour in this whole affair stinks to high heaven. For a man who kept the allegations against Dr Worth quiet for months after he received them to accuse Mr Key of taking too long to resolve the matter is a piece of hypocrisy that, even in a politician, is breathtaking.

Timing, they say, is everything and I presume the struggling Labour Party leader figured it was best to let the Budget and its reaction run its course before he struck.

Perhaps Goff should resign too.