Getting Rid of Richard

Richard Worth is a rooterOk I have just about had enough of Richard Worth, he is hurting the party, giving free hits to Labour and annoying some of my mates who are good MPs but whose jobs are at risk if something isn’t done. So let’s dispel some myths and be a little blunt because the silly old goat doesn’t seem to be getting the hints, the same goes for the namby-pamby mainstream media;

  • Innocent until proven guilty is for the courts, not for politicians so stop going on about it because it is crap
  • He is guilty of potentially costing National a lot of votes, especially among the women voters who are crucial to National’s chances of staying in power
  • Caucus has a lot of people that are worried about getting kicked out by the voters, so they will want him taken out the back and shot, not suspended, and sooner rather than later.
  • If he doesn’t get the message or takes a narrow legalistic view of the party rules, the party can tell him to stick it anyway
  • Basically the rules don’t matter, they can point out to him that if he doesn’t fuck off quick smart they will blackball him from any future position of anything worthwhile at all, by telling government departments people that it is very career limiting to engage him, and the private sector that he is really quite rancid and it will make their businesses look rancid so we wont deal with them.
  • Plus National quietly lets their donor network know he is a persona non grata and would be eternally grateful if they could let all their mates know and also tell him to fuck off.

Personally I would run him out of town on a rail, but there are probably some stupid laws infringing on my rights to tar and feather people.

There is no place for rooters and sexual pests in the party. Take note you other MP’s because the Whale will gun for you next.