Gobbling Turkeys Slam Crusher's Containers

Clayton CosgroveCollins’ container cell plan slammedPlans to put prisoners to work building their own cells out of shipping containers have been labelled “nonsense” and a waste of money. [Stuff Politics]

The liberal elite have started wringing their hands in anguish that someone could be so unkind as to put prisoners in containers.

They will gobble like a flock of turkeys being lined up for christmas dinner. This photo shows how turkeys really puff themselves up and become exceptionally sanctimonious when they start gobbling, and none more so than Clayton Cosgrove. This will go on for days.

Meanwhile the rest of the population will think bloody good on you Crusher, and National will get a nice poll bounce. Hopefully Judith Collins will back this up with some more good common sense like saying if you don’t want to live in a container it is really, really easy, even for those that are a little slow. Do not commit crimes and you will not end up in a shipping container.

It is really that simple.

Clayton Cosgrove, as chief gobbler, has also used very spurious figures of $380,000 per cell for the shipping container idea. As I showed yesterday that is simply nonsense. The solution is to simply hire Brown and Root Services and get them to build exactly what they did at Gitmo.