Goff a Chicken, I claim another Harpoon

Phil Goff - HarpoonedPhil Goff refused to front on Close Up, as if I was going to attack him. Now it has turned out that he has been concealing information about Richard Worth while claiming that John Key acted too slowly.

He is a massive chicken. Everyone not remotely connected to politics has told me that they thought Goff was petulant and churlish for refusing to attend and he lloks like a coward.

I think I can safely claim my biggest scalp yet. The pro tem Leader of the Opposition.

He has made such a hash of his allegations against Richard Worth that I imagine the knives are being sharpened and awaiting the outcome of the Mt Albert by-election. Any win by Labour there that is less than 5000 will be seen as a vote of no confidence in Phil Goff.

He is now a lame chicken leader.

As Homer says in the Simpsons Movie

“I hereby declare you Chicken for Life, every morning you will wake up to “good morning chicken” and at your wedding….”