Goff admits to running Honey Trap Scam

As the old war time saying goes, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and Phil Goff has again shown us his “loose lips” by inadvertantly admitting to running the honey trap scam against Richard Worth.

Goff implicated in honey trap

With that one sentence Phil Goff as good as admits that he has been running this sting all along. That he cared not one bit for the alleged “victim” and that he is party to orchestrating more than 100 communications of various sorts in an attempt to entrap Richard Worth.

Sure Richard Worth is a low level minister but this whole episode when looked at along with everything that has ocurred in the past month looks very much like part of the strategy to sling as much mud as possible at National in order to help Labour’s David Shearer in Mt Albert.

Phil Goff is complicit in milking this scam for as much as he could get, unfortunately his role in orchestrating this has now been busted. He must resign.