Goff to boycott smacking referendum over wording

Goff to boycott smacking referendum over wordingLabour leader Phil Goff says he will not vote in the referendum on smacking because the question is badly worded. The citizen initiated non-binding referendum asks: “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal… [NZ Herald Politics]

I have just about had enough of the whining of Phil Goff and his Labour lackeys. It is clear that they’re still trying to social engineer us.

The Referendum was ready to go at the election. Labour/Helen Clark stopped it then for fear it would affect their electoral chances.
NOW they’re putting out scare tactics about how much it is costing. FFS it is costing what it is costing because of hteir decision.

They’re also saying that the question is not clear.

Well, the Clerk of the House under their watch formulated it.

It is quite clear. Once again, as over the Auckland City changes, the Waterview motorway, Richard Worth/John Key thing, they continue to obfuscate by “mantra” to confuse the issues.

Someone ought to remind them LOUDLY that they are not government. After nine years they now cannot allocate money for the Waterview project, they started it and National will finish it on all of the above.

Phil Goff should just STFU.