Goff's honey trap the exposure of the lies

Some interesting items have come to light about our so-called “victim” in Phil goff’s honey trap play.

Firstly on her alleged uncomfortablity with the txts and communications from Richard Worth;

Neelam Choudary, who took the demonstration, says the sari is the favourite and traditional outfit for Indian women.

She says saris of different designs and materials are available in a variety of colours.

Design motifs used in the saris have their own meanings, which may vary from one region to another.

The colours used may have special meanings for specific occasions.

Red is regarded as an auspicious colour and is commonly worn by brides because it has several emotional, sexual and fertility-related qualities. 

So, this woman knows which sari is related to sex but didn’t know and had to ask her husband what finishing correspondence with xxx menat……That should be a Tui ad right there.

And her husband is no humble, unassuming person either, he is actually a convicted fraudster;

A victim of an elaborate immigration scam has told how he paid $9000 to two men he thought were recruitment officers and was offered three jobs which didn’t exist.

Two of the organisers of the ring were found guilty in the Auckland District Court last week.

Kumar Akkineni Choudary and Lourdu Joseph William Reddy, who both moved to New Zealand from India in the 1990s, tricked more than 20 Indian and Chinese immigrants, either already in the country or overseas, into paying thousands of dollars.

They sent fake job offers to the applicants who then submitted them to the Department of Immigration so they could gain New Zealand residency.

Right, so Phil Goff is relying on teh evidence of a woman who knows all about indian sexualtiy and whose husband is a convicted fraudster. Sounds like a good witness there Phil.

Phil Goff needs to come clean about his honey trap, how long he has known about it, and explain why all along he has been front footing this witch-hunt with gleeful delight.